To become a leading hub for digital learning and fintech education


To provide thought leadership in the knowledge economy as it relates to fintech and to breech the envisaged skill gap in the area of tech and digital literacy thereby providing a platform for exchange between global tech leaders and educators towards digital literacy in the market where we serve.

Focus on Achievement:

As a solutions-driven organization, we see a future without impossibilities and have no limits in our creative abilities. All our decisions are taken with our stakeholders as main focus thus an insistence on achieving goals focused on creating sustainable economic value for all stakeholders


To create innovative mind-sets among practitioners aimed at finding the best possible solution to existing and emerging challenges.

National Economies:

Strengthening the economies form our core, as we constantly work toward creating growth centric fintech solutions such as increased employment, reskilling, upskilling, advocacy and so on.


We promote and support a diverse and committed team, both internally and externally with our partners across the globe


We contribute knowledge, expertise and thoroughness through our team with years of experience brought to bear. We know our business well, we have good judgement and are capable of meeting challenge rapidly and independently, showing confidence in our projects.


We value trust, integrity & long-term relationships that is why we build an environment of trust. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders so as to get to know them and be able to anticipate their needs. At TFI, we embrace the fact that people function best when there is a strong foundation of trust. We respect our clients, employees and stakeholders and treat them the way we want to be treated.

High Commitment:

With our heart at TFI, we are emotionally invested in our project, we identify with it and are fully involved. We are demanding of ourselves, we are not content with average, we aim for excellence.

Stay Informed

We are on the brink of launching our learning platforms. Stay informed of developments and know when we are good to begin.