About Us

The Fintech Institute is a peer to peer learning platform designed to empower finance professionals with the necessary digital skills to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. With board members ranging from traditional banks to Fintech experts, through to academics from leading universities, the platform offers practical bite sized courses on topics including;
WealthTech/ Robo-banking, InsurTech, RegTech, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, enterprise innovation and startups.

Every month, new bite size courses will be released online to ensure that members will have access to the latest Fintech insights and industry experts working on the most cutting-edge Fintech innovations globally.

Why do we have a fintech institute

Fintech is by far the most trending topic in technology today. It seems everyone is talking about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies today, but most of us do not really know what these terms are all about. To this effect, The Fintech Institute has partnered with top organizations around the worlds to provide capacity building in Fintech education both offline and online and to offer a suite of practical programmes and short certificate courses in Fintech, delivered by global leaders.

Programme Objectives

Upon completion of our programmes, participants will;

  1. Understand what Fintech is and the sectors tat comprises it
  2. Learn about how the Fintech ecosystem works, who the players are and the current trends that exist in the industry.
  3. Have a clear understanding of the technologies and frameworks behind Fintech
  4. Be able to adopt an innovative Fintech strategy within their own organization, to lead a digital transformation project.
  5. Gain a thorough understanding of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology applications in banking and finance.

Who Should Attend?

  1. Fintech entrepreneurs
  2. Tech/Fintech investors
  3. Bankers (Top and middle level management)
  4. Insurance professionals (Top and middle level management)
  5. Asset managers (Top and middle level management)
  6. Private Bankers (Top and middle level management)
  7. Tech/Fintech opinion leaders and industry influencers.

Fintech Masterclass Programme

The programme is aimed at demystifying the term fintech and how it fits into the financial services sector and the world at large.

Participants will learn what comprises Fintech and Fintech ecosystem, subsectors and key players. Participants will also gain a comprehensive understanding of some of the key technologies and applications that are driving the digital banking and finance revolution, and how participants can adopt innovatiive Fintech strategies in their own organizations.

Stay Informed

We are on the brink of launching our learning platforms. Stay informed of developments and know when we are good to begin.